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 Wahoo Diving   

As the first dive center on Santa Maria, established in 1997, we offer dive trips aside from mass tourism. Compared to other destinations with a fully detailed and tight organisation, with us you’ll still feel a piece of adventure.

Since September 2015 „Wahoo Diving“ is located 300 m above the harbor of “Vila do Porto” – our general meeting-point for divetrips.

Registration can be done at the harbor. If you need rental equipment you have to come to the dive center for fitting.


The Mantamaria team includes an experienced and professional Diving Instructor, skippers and support personnel that foster complete satisfaction in safe and relaxing sub-aquatic experiences in Santa Maria.

The centre operates three excellent vessels, all outfitted for diving and for tours around the island. It is equipped with a top of the line B-Trox filling station as well as all the necessary diving equipment designed for safety and comfort.

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