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Web Link Webcams Santa Maria, Azores

Praia Formosa (2.5 km from Pensão Francisca)
São Lourenço (18 km from Pensão Francisca)
Vila do Porto - Marina (6 km from Pensão Francisca) - for the moment out of order


Web Link Recommended place to stay on Sao Miguel

We recommend to stay at Casa Felicitas, in the northeastern part of São Miguel, there are two apartments and B&B available.

Web Link Blue Azores- Sailing

Sailing with Mike - tour the islands with a catamaran.

Web Link Windguru- Wind and Waves

Who wants to know more accurate wind and wave information, here you will find all the necessary stuff.

Web Link SATA International

The airline of the Azores with direct flights from Boston, Oakland, Montreal, Toronto, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, London, Paris and more.

Web Link Atlanticoline

Fährverbindungen in den Azoren. Ferry schedules in the Azores.

Web Link Information About Lisbon

This site offers you a big range of links regarding information about Lisbon, in German only.

Web Link Link Collection for Portugal

Do you want to know more about Portugal? Here you will find a lot of useful links.